Ankur: Shades

December 12, 2018


Ankur's EP Shades is one of my favorite indie releases of 2018. Why? Ankur doesn't try to reach for something beyond his life experience. Instead, he's rawly personal and honest, and goes within for his inspiration.


Shade's tracks stayed with me long after the listen because I know these struggles. We all do. As people. As artists.  


Ankur shares how he's pulled in many directions. Should he stay in a complicated relationship, his day job as a banker, move to another country for his career, keep giving things a chance, or blow it all out and go for it? 


He also addresses his identity as an artist. He doesn't fit into the corporate world, but he's also not exactly made to order in the music world. He's his own person, but is that enough? Ankur swims between both worlds looking far out into the unknown and the relative safety of the shore. 


Ankur's Shades stayed with me because I felt as though he were talking to me. He is an artist in search of direction and meaning, and embraces the fact that he may never really know for sure if what he's doing is working. 


If Ankur looking for a sign that what he's doing is the right thing, he's on the right path.  


Stand out tracks:

"Last in Line" 

"Blind Side" 


Final thoughts: Refreshing, earnest, and relatable. 



Shades Tracklist 



Stay or Leave (feat. Ruth Gronbech Dam) 

Last in Line 

Blind Side 


Down This Road 


Produced and mixed by Rich Mammoliti Mastered by Dave Petrovic


"Last in Line" 



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Ankur Social Media 




Previous EP: Inner Reflections


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