American Amnesia: Yet Here We Are

July 12, 2018


Patrick Nemaizer, Gus Pac, and Sam Cesnak as American Amnesia are killing it and at such a young age. Nemaizer is 19, Pac is 16, and Cesnak is 17. Maybe they don't care about that. Maybe they do. In any case, American Amnesia is a stellar band and their album Yet Here We Are is a strong opener to what we hope is a long career or as much fun as people can pack into a life time.  


Yet Here We Are is proof that the trio graduated from their high school band lightning quick. Nemaizer guides the tracks with a voice that is steady, striking, and powerful. His lead guitar is just as strong. Cesnak brings the thunder on drums. He's on his way to becoming a seasoned musician. Gus Pac's bass wades into the fray. He gives blow for blow. 


Yet Here We Are reflects future greatness. "Stars of Orion" has a Doors/Rush edge to it and is one of my favorites on the record. There's something epic about that one. "Means to an End" shines in an early Guns N' Roses way. 


Let's forget about those who've come before. There are tracks on Yet Here We Are that stand on their own as a mark of an emerging band. There's the mournful wail on "All of the Ashes." The driving anthem of "The Candle." The standout all American rock track "The One." 


American Amnesia proves on Yet Here We Are that they can write an arena ballad, several radio tunes, and pack a variety of genres into one album. Not bad at all for a trio of embryos. 


"The songs and the band's chemistry and energy was so dynamic. Their sound was so unique, sophisticated and identifiable, it was clear early on that there was something very special going on here and that these weren't some teenagers jamming in a garage" - Howard Nemaizer, producer 



Yet Here We Are Track List:

1. Time

2. The One

3. Questions in the Dark

4. Carillon

5. The Candle

6. How Come?

7. Richest Poor Man

8. Means to an End

9. All of the Ashes

10. No Doors

11. Stars of Orion



Patrick Nemaizer - Lead vocals, guitar

Sam Cesnak - Drums, vocals

Gus Pac - Bass


Producer: Howard Nemaizer

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