Shawna Virago Trans-Anthem "Tranimal"

July 6, 2018

One of our favorite artists and queer icons is back with an urgent anthem for "the others." A song for those who live "beyond the gender binary." Shawna Virago's music is like her; raw, undeniable, and powerful. Her new single "Tranimal" reaches over the heads of those who won't understand to those who need to know they are not alone. Never have been. 


Virago says, "This country needs this trans-anthem more than ever before. They can't keep us down." Virago wrote this track from a true place. No one ever has kept her down. What her relentless energy in "Tranimal" reveals is the knowledge that you can't kill a spirit forged in fire. 


Virago's been trans since the 90s and has lived through the darkest of times. She knows what hell looks like. She could give tours. Virago remembers a time when the trans community didn't get much support. "They didn't give a shit about us," she says. 


The loners, the rebels, the misfits, and the outcasts found something within themselves that no one else could believe in. Virago is their champion, a holy sanctified punk priestess. 





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