Nocturnal Blonde Strong Debut Smart Heart

July 5, 2018


"Our first album will be a tribute to Ritchie's brother, Dave, and dedicated to bringing awareness to the opioid epidemic so many families are forced to deal with today." - Nocturnal Blonde


Nocturnal Blonde's debut record Smart Heart had one hell of a journey. Ritchie and Dave Williams started the project as a way of understanding and coping with substance abuse and the booming opioid  pandemic. They had compiled enough material to put together an EP when Dave accidentally overdosed in 2017. 


Suddenly, both brothers had a hard road ahead. Ritchie was left to face whether their work would ever see the light of day as his brother struggled with recovery. 


After working on a project produced by R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, Adams had learned from a master how to proceed where he and his brother left off. He deeply drew from that essential studio experience and honed his five tracks to capture his message, with Stipe helping him streamline one of the tracks. 


All Adams needed was a voice to bring his words to life. But he got way more than a singer. He got someone who stepped into the spirit of something made bigger by her contribution. Enter Rachel Grace, whom Adams found one month before the EP's completion.   


On "Blown Away," Grace sings "a little bad luck can go a long away" but, tides turn, friends emerge to help, and we end up where we need to be. 


Smart Heart Track List:

1. Smart Heart

2. Blown Away

3. Two Trees

4. All Those Angels

5. Drained



Rachel Adams - Vocals

Ritchie Williams - Vocals, guitar

Kevin Sims - Bass

James Owen - Percussion


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