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July 6, 2018



Gideon King & City Blog unapologetically draws from some specific references you'll immediately get, but they don't live there. King and his pals are dead set on being anything but predictable with their latest romp Upscale Madhouse. That title is spot on. That's exactly the experience you'll have. 


You'll tool along, inhaling the jazz and classic soft rockness of a track and then BAM!... you get hit in the face with the wit and back room wisdom of Gideon King. It's a smooth drive-by. For the most part. 


On the jazzy jizzy "So Evolved," King turns abrupt, raunchy, and wonderful as a lady lay downs thoughts on intimacy and a possible struggle with frustrated insomnia. We know a dude wrote those lyrics, but she makes it sound fun and less 911-ish. 


On "Gun To My Head," we're treated to a song you might hear at funk club at the end of the Kingsroad that runs by the Inn at the Crossroads. Robert Baratheon would have played this track on repeat in his whip.  


"Fake It On Facebook" is the track that sold me on Gideon King & City Blog. The ages old tale of a damsel catfishing a dude 40 years older for ill-gotten gains on an ancient platform is just the track I need in the year of our lord 2018. I like how confident King is that the youngs know where Facebook is. Don't they only do that in TV shows?


What's great about King is, he's not here to get all deep. He puts out the music his soul hears and that's all he needs or wants to do. And everyone has a good time.


This is the way the greats roll. Some of the best songs just are. Ever listen closely to the lyrics to "Deacon Blues"? Even though Donald Fagen tried to explain what he meant, I still didn't get it. Don't matter. It's a classic.


King's got that sort of thing in his blood, too. Work me back to sleep, bro.



Upscale Madhouse Track List:

1. Going Straight to Hell 

2. Upscale Madhouse 

3. Broken & Beautiful 

4. Fake it on Facebook 

5. Love you Love you Love you 

6. Gun to My Head 

7. For Your Own Sake 

8. So Evolved 

9. God, I'm So Alone 

10. Look Ma No Hands




Conrad Sewell

Elliott Skinner

Marc Broussard

John Scofield

Donny Mccaslin

Carolyn Leonhart

Brendan Fletcher

Grace Weber

James Genus

Kate Kelsey Sugg

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