Halfwait's True Love Revealed on The Official

June 19, 2018



Halfwait's new album The Official gets straight to heart of who they are and what they believe. The outcome and outlook is overall positive. They've had the usual transitions with members and all that. They've also suffered the loss of a close friend. This loss greatly changed the band's perspective on, well, everything. The Sydney-based group bounced back from that tragedy with a new determination to put their guts into every song they create and to influence their listeners in a positive way. 


That may be the main drive for Halfwait members Jon Barca, Chris Tallon, and Nick Sero, but it's not all. They say, "We just love making music and this album features all the styles from our background influences put into our own style of music... we would like to share this album with everyone. That's the most important thing to us; to make a difference in peoples' lives with music, just like music has made such a big impact on our lives." 


They've certainly accomplished several of their goals. Halfwait's music is popular because of their genre amalgam and the obvious joy that goes into making it. The Official is a collective of punk and grunge with an edge of hip hop. There's also a sly bluntness to their lyrics. It's an approach that is disarming and inviting. 


Halfwait offers up glimpses into inner battles and treatises on identity, things like that. They aren't afraid to talk about the dark side of things but they're also not interested in being stuck or mired in any given problem. They can aptly describe the bottom, but there's no way they're going to stay there. Halfwait's music is always about surfacing and enjoying that rarified air of having survived yet another human ordeal. 


Another theme emerges on The Official; After getting clobbered, you can pause and regroup, but quitting is not an option. 



"Who Are You?"




The Official Track List:

 1. Leave

 2. Taking Over

 3. Save Me

 4. Who Are You

 5. Stand Alone

 6. Go Away

 7. Never Maybe

 8. Make It On Your Own

 9. Would You?

 10. Now And The After

 11. Home



 Jon Barca - Vocals, guitar

 Chris Tallon - Drums, backing vocal

 Nick Sero - Bass, backing vocal




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