Suki Rae and Company Can't Stop Now

June 15, 2018


Are you ready for some uplifting, soul-cheering music? Sukie Rae is here for you. In this weary old world, we need Rae’s new album Can’t Stop Now. The tracks are full of hope and light as Rae and Company call for peace, a way forward, and an oasis in a drought of compassion. This is something Rae’s been doing for quite some time now.


Rae’s found that perfect blend of messages and entertainment. She also manages to inspire without ever preaching. An offer rather than a sales pitch.


The key or Rae’s popularity is that she’s an unabashed optimist who adeptly shares her knowledge and enthusiasm of spirituality. But she’s not heavy about it at all. The tracks on Can’t Stop Now capture Rae’s lightness and ability to transcend the heaviness of the world. She’s also got a wicked sense of humor. Check out her video below “Bugz In Da Bed.”


Sukie Rae’s Can’t Stop Now is much needed healing balm. Just the thing to soothe an aching soul and change up the internal scenery.


Can’t Stop Now Track List:
1. Peace by Piece
2. Can’t Stop Now
3. I’m Gonna Climb( to the top of the Mountain)
4. Water from the Fountain( Peace on Earth)
5. Walking Mandala
6. Waitin’ for the Light
7. There’s Someone Watchin’ Over You
8. That which hath been
9. Cast Away
10. Alowan (Song of Praise)



Steve Bloom – Guitar
Kennan Keating – Guitar
KJ Jacobs – Bass
Barry Kornhauser – Cello
Andrey Golodukhin – Drums
Chris Howard – Percussion
Ayana Lowe, Andru Cann, Sumati Bates, Benita Charles, Greg Cross – Vocals
Suki Rae – Flute, keyboards, vocals, songwriter


"Bugz In Da Bed" 





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