Paul Maged's The Glass River

June 15, 2018


One of our favorite artists is back with his latest project The Glass River and Paul Maged is on fire! As usual, Maged is using his voice to put some truth on the streets. He takes a ballsy and artful run at all of the bullshit we’re all dealing with these days.


From guns to the shackles of working for the fucking man, Maged is unleashed and stylistically frothy like Billy Joel seething with the power of 14 sugar free Red Bulls and righteous indignation of the times. This aggression will not stand, man!


After raging out, albeit melodically, to “Gunz 4 Hire” and “Corporate Hell (The Legend of Tooly McDouche)” ahahahaha!
, you can cool down to “The Glass River”… somewhat. It still has some fiery edges to it. You might look to “For the Sea” or “Life Goes By”both wonderful and gorgeous songs. All of the tracks have that certain something Maged always brings to the table.


Which reminds me… Maged delivers a Broadway sound to The Glass River. You could see these songs presented on a stage in a snap. Such a rush. But they work just fine in your ears doing whatever it is you’re doing these days to stay sane.


Suffice it to say, Paul Maged is wide away and is ready to talk about it, whatever it is, and create music to help us all deal. Thanks, buddy. So, put The Glass River in your ears soon and feel all those feelings through song so you can stay in control and far away from the back of a patrol car.


“Gunz 4 Hire”

The Glass River Track List:
1. Gunz 4 Hire
2. Corporate Hell (The Legend of Tooly McDouche)
3. Choices
4. The Glass River (The Ballad of Alan & Jane)
5. For the Sea
6. Life Goes By prelude


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