Luca Bash's Keys of Mine

June 15, 2018


Luca Bash makes completely immersive music. He plunges head long into life topics unapologetically and passionately on his latest album Keys of Mine. Bash also makes damn fine music. He has plenty of help from Alessandro Cioffi, Alessandro Matilli, Riccardo Ascani, Giova Pes, and Duilio Ingrosso, musicians and artists who get his mission, make music with friends that will touch the heart of the listener. The listener also is made to feel a part of the process.


One thing that struck me… I’m not entirely sure Bash is singing in English. Not that that is a problem because the music speaks for itself. I start out following his train of thought and then it feels like Bash drifts off into some sort of sunlit field in his native Italy. Keys of Mine inspires and evokes so many thoughts and feelings so it doesn’t matter. It’s all about that heart in the end, isn’t it?


Second thing… Even though Bash takes on some intense topics on his new album, his music creates tranquility. If Bash is expelling any demons, he’s doing it with his own flair.


Download Keys of Mine. It’s well worth your time.


"The Sun's Everlasting Smile" 

Keys of Mine Track List:
1. Backstage
2. Beyond the Screen
3. Your Tomorrow
4. Paradise Cafè
5. Forever Like Asleep
6. The Sun’s Everlasting Smile
7. Women’s Way (Nu Shu)
8. Forever Like Asleep
9. Black Swan’s Walls
10. Jekyll & Hyde
11. Crumblin’ Lover
12. Millennium Idiot
13. In My Place
14. Love and Lust
15. Upwind


Luca Bash – Vocals, lyrics, rhythm guitar
Alessandro Cioffi – Drums
Alessandro Matilli – KeyBoards
Riccardo Ascani – Bass
Giova Pes – Lead Guitar
Duilio Ingrosso – Sax


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