David Williams: Tipping My Hat to Leonard

June 15, 2018


David Williams is clearly having a grand time on Tipping My Hat to Leonard. The pied piper of truth telling is giving a shout out to Leonard Cohen for a reason. He’s dialed into that same frequency. You know, the one where shit is not watered down and you see things how they really art. But with a whimsical flair. Williams feels and sounds like a trip through the Cohen underworld using the subway operated by Tom Waits.


Williams is glib, funny, wistful, romantic, earnest, profane, profound, and 100% entertaining on every track on the record. Tipping My Hat to Leonard is great road music, whether you’re driving, walking, Birding, or whatever your mode of transport may be.


There’s something about Williams. He sticks with you. His stories will run through your head long after the track has played.


Williams has perfected a light musical touch that at times feels like the soundtrack to an 80s art film. He and his crew clip along as a lovely pace, jetting between emotions, carried along by acoustic guitars, banjos, accordions, and clarinets. Perfect sunset stuff.


Tipping My Hat to Leonard doesn’t have to be consumed on the go. It’s perfectly fine in many other settings, too. You can drink to it, smoke to it, and pull a downright near perfect caper. Williams may even have the blueprints hidden in his songs.


"Frozen in the Ice Age" 


Tipping My Hat to Leonard Track Listing:

1. Tipping My Hat to Leonard
2. Who Let That Django Jazz Into the Room?
3. Little Tiny Foreign Car
4. Baby Lost Her Kitty
5. Aching for Love
6. Irritation Polka
7. Dead Man Feel
8. Guernica
9. Murder of Crows
10. Complicated Women
11. Frozen in the Ice Age
12. Snowblind
13. Ghost Bird
14. I Ain’t Gonna Love Nobody
15. Icon
16. Holy Earth



David Williams – Vocals, guitars, mandolin, violin, tenor banjo, 5-string banjo
Ellie Brown – Vocals, accordion
Monica Whittington – Vocals “Holy Earth”
Duane Webster – Bass
Wade Krauss – Trumpet
Bill Pontarelli – Clarinet
Enion Pelta-Tiller – Violin “Who Let That Django Jazz Into the Room?”
Janineray Mariani – Accordion “Little Tiny Foreign Car and Frozen in the the Ice Age”
Ray Contreras – Percussion “I Ain’t Gonna Love Nobody”
Mike Koertgen – Harmonica “Tipping My Hat to Leonard”

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