Conscious Presence

June 15, 2018

When producer Sound-Sage and rapper Soul Seeker came together, it was meant to be. Their debut album, the self-titled Conscious Presence, is 100% proof of that. Both musicians showcase their very specific symbiotic duo through all 21 tracks. If this is their debut album then holy shit.


Sound-Sage and Soul Seeker do things their way and it certainly has only elevated their music. They bring their deep knowledge of the music of the 90s to the old school recording style of the 70s with messages from the here and now. The very way they laid down the tracks at Satori Records in Switzerland gives this debut record its stellar gritty brilliance. It feels organic, electric, and authentic.


CP aptly reps their interpretation of several genres as well as depicts their philosophy of open minded soul searching and active evolution. They invite listeners to tap into their messages and reciprocate.

There’s something going on here. Something powerful and positive.


“We recorded everything in Satori Records vintage studio onto a tape machine, which means; every song was recorded one-take, even with the DJs on cue doing scratches. Even the music video was filmed with an old tape camera to keep the feeling authentic. Sound quality of the 70s, music of the 90s and a message of today.” — CP



Conscious Presence Track List:

1. Dedication
2. Metal & Cement
3. Original
4. Soul Trap
5. The Now (Interlude)
6. The Vibes
7. Curiosity
8. Love, Everybody
9. Divine
10. Path of the Sage (Interlude)
11. CP Theme Song
12. Elements
13. Seeds of Love
14. Warrior Spiritual
15. Patience (Interlude)
16. Resonance
17. Edge of Abyss
18. Black Emerald
19. Luminaries (Interlude)
20. Farewell, Wayfarer
21. Steadfast Stillness (Outrolude)


Joshua Snyman – Vocals, rap
Philippe Christen – Production, beats
DJ Okay – Scratches
Ra Pius – Scratches



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